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Trio Peaks is a new mobile development company that creates apps for Google Play, App Store and Windows Store. We're passionate about creating apps that drive value to our users, enhance their mobile experience and keep our users entertain.

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Run 4 Lifes

Run 4 Lifes is a runner game. You can dodge left or right and jump your way across the stunning environment and over the challenging obstacles in this endless running game. Run as fast as you can and collect the coins along the way to unlock more hero avatars.

Scary Racer

Sit tight in your aircraft cockpit, get ready to take-off into the unpredictable horizon. Every distance is a challenge and heart beating. Enjoy the challenge, this is really an addictive game.

This game will really test your response and coordination. You have to navigate through all the oncoming objects, avoid crashing on it, meanwhile juggling to collect power-ups, bonuses and credits in order to acquire new aircrafts or other upgrades.

The only limit for this game, is your own racing skills, how good you can control your aircraft and how precise is your reaction.

Scribble Board

Scribble Board empowers everyone to be an artist. Imagine, write and draw. It's come with basic functions for easy to use especially for children. There is an optional additional feature which is the fun educational sticker themes that provide more fun. Let's release the creativity!

Santa Gifts Mania

Christmas is just around the corner. The Santa need your help to collect gifts. Please help the Santa to catch as much as possible all the falling gifts. In order to score, the colour of the Santa must match the colour of the gift, otherwise it’s Game Over. More gifts will be unlocked from the store if you collected more points.
This is a real fun and addictive game with one-touch gameplay and suitable for all age players. Definitely keep you entertained and enjoy during this Christmas and holidays season. Do not miss the fun and do not miss any of the falling gifts!

Jelly Blast 4U

Sweet, fun and colourful match 3 game, embark in the journey to find the legendary jellies. As simple as tapping your finger and link the same colour jellies together. There are many challenging yet fun levels waiting for you. You can choose different set of jellies to suit your taste. Let's download and enjoy this yummylicious game!

Tut Tut Train

This is an easy and fun to play game. Just swipe your finger to control the train movement. You need to break the crate boxes in order to score points. Break as much as possible. You can increase the train length by collecting more cabins. Enjoy the game!

Jump Starter

This is a simple yet fun game. Challenge yourself on your accuracy to adjust the power of your avatar in order to jump on the center of the column. Top Bonuses are waiting for you at the center of the column and collect more diamonds to unlock the avatars. Enjoy this challenging game! 

Smarty Paint

Interesting painting app with different themes for selection. Suitable for young children to build up their art skill. Choose the theme you like and colour it! Enjoy the work of art.


Bounce...Bounce….Bounce, let’s wait for the perfect timing. Make sure the bouncing ball colour match the rotating shape edge colour in order to get through. Continue to tap to balance and bounce the ball until you reach your destination. More challenging levels are waiting for you to bounce through.


This game is specially designed to keep your fingers busy. Challenge you hand and eye coordination. You need to maintain the stick floating on the air and hit all the items in order to score points. You have to avoid explosive items in order to save Shinyojoes life and proceed to another level.


In a small village, live a turtle who is very arrogant but yet very childish and timid as a mouse. Everyone called him SD. SD think he is very clever but instead he has very swallow knowledge. In his journey, SD facing difficulties to move around. You can help SD by tapping him (to jump/flip) and by this SD will score points that help him to proceed to other places. There are some bonus items that will appear on screen, collect them all to score more points.


Amor is a naughty boy and enjoy doing silly thing to disturb other villagers. He stay in a village at the southern part of Borneo. The village is very peaceful and all the villagers live happily. Up in the mountain, live a witch who never disturb the villagers. However, all the villagers do not dare to enter the mountain. One evening, Amor the silly boy went into the mountain on curiosity. He saw a beautiful house beside a pond full with lily pads and lotus flowers. Amor thought that will be fun if he can jump from one lily pad to another and plug some lotus flowers home. Without further consideration, he jump onto the lily pad and SPLASH! Amor fall into the pond and this alert the witch. The witch get angry and turn Amor into a FROG! In order to break the spell, the frog need to hop onto the lily pad and lotus flower accordingly. The frog need your help. 


This game is all about the journeys of a Hero to save a Princess who is adducted by a Maniac. You will be the Hero in the game. You heard the calling, you take the action, you fight with the monsters, you overcome the challenges and you battle with the Big Bosses. Do you able to be the real Hero for the Princess? Let’s ROCK this!


Life will be always good if you believe in it. Richest Rich will bring you to a fantasy world where MONEY is falling from the sky! You can be the richest, you can be the multi-millionaire if you are fast enough to tap on the money and be alert on the bonus note. The catch, beware of the evil note! You can use your money to exchange for the "Fortune Egg". Crack it open and reveal the surprise! You will be rewarded. There are fortune avatars waiting for you too. Collect all of it for a greater achievement. 
Try your luck, be the next multi-millions gamer and "kawaii" Avatars collector!.

F ur Builder

This is the best app dedicated for you to vent your anger and cool down. Release your stress here whenever you encounter terrible experiences especially with your builder ... yes, it's here!
This game is related to the real life situation, there are many jokers and balloons which are cute and lovely. However, both of these will turn into devil. Therefore, be smart and alert not to trap by them, what you see might not be the truth. Beware! We hope you enjoy the game!


Ah Boy live in a kampung (small village). His family is rearing chickens and they have fruits plantation. Their chickens are free-range, happily roaming around the fruits plantation. During school holiday, Ah Boy parent give him a mission to catch all the chickens so that they can sell at the nearby farmer market. Ah Boy has to catch all the chickens by himself.
There are many challenging obstacles waiting for you in order to help Ah Boy to catch all the chickens. Enjoy the challenge and have fun!


Trio Peaks immerses you in the space shooter game with unlimited supply of bullet. You will be in control of your warplane and you can formed your powerful elite squad by collecting 'Power-Up' & 'Shield'.
Your mission is to get rid of an unknown enemy strike force and destroy the "BIG BOSS". You will enter different zone of space in different levels. Put your nerves and your agility to test through all the challenges.


A group of Cuties lost their way when roaming around. Unexpectedly they are caught and tighten up at many locations. All the cuties need your help. Save them by cutting/slicing the rope and make sure that the cuties fall into the cart instead of the ground.
More challenging scenes are waiting for you. Check it out! Can YOU save the Cuties? Challenge yourself.


Mouse Challenge is a runner game . Test your reflexes as you race up the path. Touch the screen to jump to different direction and to avoid any obstacles. You might be surprise by some power up along the way. Give it a try and challenge your friends, who will be the highest scorer!


Twist Mind is a great game to exercise your memory daily. Its a simple and easy to play game that suitable for everyone.
What you need to do is just as simple as pressing the button according to the changing colour sequence for each different levels in order to score. The number of button will increase subsequently to test your memory. It's more challenging in higher level. Practice more to improve your memory. Try the game, keep your mind active.


Hungry Jack is a brand new gameplay! Challenge your limit and reaction when you need to play with both hand fingertips. This is definitely a good brain and finger exercise for yourself.
Jack is always hungry for foods. Feed him as much as you can by just tapping the screen to move Jack either to left or right for both sides. The most tricky part is you need to avoid Jack from swallowing food with the hidden boom. You will also lost a life if you miss any food.
Challenge yourself and we hope you enjoy the game. Thank you.


Math Genius - I am, is a brain workout game to test your mental math. Ideally once a day for your brain training to enhance your mental reaction.

This version is FREE for download.


Farm Empire is a comprehensive and fun farming game. You will become the owner to manage all aspects of your farm business from crop, livestock, produce, sale to manage your staff.
Farm Empire is an unlimited fun and exciting game. The game will train your multi tasking skill in building your own farm.
Download Farm Empire for FREE. Our big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has downloaded and played Farm Empire! Enjoy! You will surely love it.


Batz Jholo is an exciting yet challenging adventures game. This cute little Batz need to jump and run across different barriers in the desert. All the enemies have to be catch by jumping on top of it. At the same time collect all the blue cute little fluppy. There are different target to achieve for the total number of enemies to catch, as well as the total number of blue cute little fluppy to collect.


Vege Link is an interesting, colourful, cute and classic puzzle game. The game can be very challenging to practice your reaction speed. Download Vege Link for FREE and link your way through different vegetables to unlock more fantastic levels. Have fun!

Vegetables are good for your health, Vege Link is good for your brain.


Back To 505 is an exciting Runner game with the main character is the Mr. Turtle. The game come with different levels. Try your best to collect as many coins as you can and proceed to the next levels. You can try your best to control the Mr. Turtle to jump as high as possible and avoid the valley. 


Jibi is the cute little chicken. Run, jump and avoid the Mr. Blue to collect more diamonds and achieve higher levels through Jibi Adventures. Compete with your friends for the highest score.

How far can you go?


Mummy Run is the new endless running game with amazing challenges along the journey. Let's see how far is your run, how good is your jump and how perfect is your roll to avoid all the obstacles. Just do anything to keep alive and run further. Challenge your friends and beat them to climb the Leaderboard! Run till you are the Number 1!


Donuts Craze is another amazing puzzle game for those who prefer something sweet rather than sushi. The game is based on a very popular "Match 3 Game Concept". Just swap the Donuts to match 3 or more identical Donuts to eliminate them. Enjoy the different challenges to unlock more fantastic levels. Enjoy your donuts!


This game is all about tapping on mosquitos as fast as you can in 11 seconds. Challenge yourself and your friends. Just for fun!


Oishi Sushi is an amazing puzzle game. The game is based on a very popular "Match 3 Game Concept". Just swap the Sushi to match 3 or more identical Sushi to eliminate them. Play the game and match your way through different yummy sushi to unlock more fantastic levels. Enjoy your sushi, enjoy Oishi Sushi. Itadakimas!


"Meeting you was destiny, falling in love with you was fortune". Express your love in this Valentine's season with Valentine Love game by letting the love meter run as far as possible to unlock 10 different achievements. When you have successfully completed every 100 meter, you will unlock one achievement. Each achievement will guide you to reach your destiny with your love one. Collect as many hearts as possible to show how fortunate to be in love with each other.
Valentine Love is a simple, fun and exciting game. Just tap the screen to jump and double tap to jump higher to avoid falling into the valley. 


88 Rush is a seasonal bubble shooting game created based on the Chinese New Year theme. 88 Rush hope to accompany you celebrating this festive season and at all time providing the entertainment value that you need.
Download 88 Rush for FREE and this game is based on the popular concept to form groups of 3 or more bubbles with the same colour to clear out the board entirely. More fantastic levels are waiting for you.


Xmas Crush is an amazing puzzle game joining this Christmas season celebrations. The game is based on a very popular "Match 3 Game Concept".
Download Xmas Crush for FREE and link your way through different colourful Christmas items to unlock more fantastic levels.


My Confess app introduces a new way for user to do their confession. User able to key in their statement at anytime, anywhere and without anyone. Confessing is good in helping user to better "KNOW THYSELF", user can destroy their statement by just clicking a button. At the end, user may enlighten by some of the encouraging quotes.


My Cute Calculator is a trisimple calculator and suitable for day-to-day use.


Travel Choice helps to inspire your destination whenever you feel need a holiday. This is a very simple app. Just for Fun!


Hunger Choice helps to inspire your meal whenever you feel lack of ideas what to eat daily. This is a very simple app. Just for Fun!


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